SMILE - Self Management Initiative Leipzig

The Self Management Initiative Leipzig SMILE is a well known regional project to support entrepreneurship and start-ups in Leipzig. The associated Partners of the Initiative are the International SEPT Program and the Institute for Service and Relationship Management at Leipzig University, the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, the Helmholtz - Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ in Leipzig, and the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences - HTWK Leipzig. The initiative is cooperating closely with further partners throughout Saxony and Germany to help young entrepreneurs, start ups and existing companies to succeed.

SMILE - the Network for entrepreneurship in Leipzig - is well versed in the supervision and coaching of start-ups and spin-off companies as well as in the training for key and management qualifications.

The interdisciplinary team with diverse entrepreneurial backgrounds, skills and experiences operates in highly professional and flexible fashion to bring the best ideas to the market. SMILE founders have won several business plan competitions. With their practical and sector-specific experience, the team members of SMILE accompany the entrepreneurs and provide them with a personalized coaching from the first business idea.

Moreover, SMILE offers a series of events where key entrepreneurial qualifications are transferred to the participants. SMILE hereby allows personnel from universities and research centers as well as students with entrepreneurial spirit getting closer to an own enterprise, gaining complementary competences and receiving active support during the start-up process.

SMILE is being supported by the European Social Fund (ESF) and Free State of Saxony.


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