Linkages in Innovation Systems

The concept of an innovation system is based on the premise that the understanding of the relationships between different actors (companies, state, and universities) involved in the innovation processes is the key to improving the technological competence of a country or a region/city. In our view, the innovation system refers to an open system which is largely built on the interaction of external networks, institutions, and companies. External interaction, for instance between innovation systems, has an important role to play in international knowledge and technology transfer processes between industrialized and developing countries.

We extend the widespread Triple-Helix concept by incorporating the 4th group of actors − the innovation service providers. Here, we are dealing with specialized services in the field of financing (e.g. risk capital funds), knowledge transfer (e.g. consulting companies, patent attorneys, etc.) and entrepreneurship promotion (e.g. business incubators).

Key research focus

  • Review of the performance of innovation service providers.
  • Analysis of the interaction (linkages) within and between innovation systems.
  • Analysis of the key factors influencing the absorptive capacity of innovation systems in developing countries.


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