DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service

In its capacity as the largest German support organisation in the field of international academic co-operation, the DAAD, with considerable public funds at its disposal, simultaneously fulfils responsibilities in foreign cultural and academic policy, development co-operation policy and national higher education policy. The programmes for developing and transformation-countries focus primarily on providing continuing education and training for young academic staff and for important experts and executives (staff development) as well as supporting the construction of appropriate structures (institution building). This is why the instruments, above all, involve various study programmes in Germany and in the home country or respectively the home region (sur-place and "third country" scholarships). The DAAD receives substantial funds for its programmes from the BMZ, and in some cases through the Federal Foreign Office (scholarship) programme. The DAAD supports SEPT with scholarships for applicants from developing countries in our Masters program.

KAAD - Catholic Academic Foreigner Service

The KAAD is the Foundation of German Catholic Church for post-graduates and scientists from (developing) countries such as Asia, Africa, Latin America, Near and Middle East as well as East and South Europe. The KAAD - the Catholic Academy Foreigner Service helps its scholarship holders through financial support and seminars as well as personal and spiritual accompaniment. This support is realised in cooperation with the partner committees and the alumni association in order to build up a (academic) network and fulfill overall development, which covers religious and inter-religious dimensions.

Leipziger Stiftung für Innovation und Technologietransfer

The aim of the Leipzig Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer is to support science and research and to promote the public and vocational education as well as the establishment of a democratic city of Leipzig. The foundation supports especially projects for basic research and applied research, new technology and the transfer of scientific knowledge to business and the society. Under such a framework, the foundation promotes the acquirement of key qualification, the development of communication and cooperation networks, the know-how transfer between theory and practice as well as public and private sector.

German Association of Postgraduate Programmes

The German Association of Postgraduate Programmes with special Relevance to Developing Countries (AGEP) is an umbrella organization comprising various postgraduate study programmes oriented to developing and threshold countries as well as countries with economies in transition. These programmes are offered by the AGEP members at German universities in widespread fields of natural, engineering, technical, medical and social sciences, economics and other relevant disciplines.

Institute of African Studies (IfA)

100 years of scientific study of Africa in Leipzig led to the establishment of the Institute of African Studies. From the very beginning, Leipzig’s research on Africa was characterised by multi-disciplinarity. Still today, African Studies in Leipzig is follwoing a broad understanding of area studies. In order to understand the continent’s cultural, historical, political, social and linguistic conditions in the present and past (with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa), Leipzig African Studies privileges a combination of humanities and the social sciences.

Institut für Service und Relationship Management (ISRM)

The Chair of Business Economics, particularly Marketing is part of the Institut für Service und Relationship Management (ISRM) with the Managing Director Prof. Dr. Helge Löbler (Leipzig University). Major research focus areas of the Chair include, in particular, marketing topics and entrepreneurship promotion.


CONOSCOPE GmbH was founded in 2010. The company works with the objective to lead innovation for sustainable business success and implement innovation to ensure long-term success. What drives CONOSCOPE is innovation in order to offer the customers a comprehensive, unique and compelling services portfolio, backed by data-oriented analysis of the business' situation. With this, appropriate strategies are developed and implemented.


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