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New Publication on critical factors for innovative work behaviour

Most recently, one article in the field of innovative work behaviour has been published by an international team of authors with the participation of Prof. Dornberger (Leipzig University). The topic is about: "Critical factors for innovative work behaviour in Latin American firms: Test of an exploratory model".

The aim of this study is to examine how transformational and transactional leaders, boost the employees’ innovative work behaviour, directly or through work engagement, organizational climate for innovation and absorptive capacity in Latin American firms.

Francoise Contreras, Fernando Juarez, Yonni Angel Cuero Acosta, Utz Dornberger, Karla Soria-Barreto, Martha Corrales-Estrada, Claudia Ramos-Garza, Sebastian Steizel, Alexandra Portalanza, Kety Jauregui, Luciana Iwashita da Silva & Marcus Alexandre Yshikawa Salusse | Pantea Foroudi (Reviewing editor) (2020), Critical factors for innovative work behaviour in Latin American firms: Test of an exploratory model, Cogent Business & Management, 7:1, DOI: 10.1080/23311975.2020.1812926

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