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Collaboration for Entrepreneurial Universities

Our joined CEPU (Collaboration for Entrepreneurial Universities) project will be presented today at the Academia-Public-Private Partnership Forum (APPPF) and exhibitions 2019 and the 1st science, technology and innovation conference in Kampala, Uganda. The project is strengthening university-industry linkages and practice-oriented learning at Kenyatta University and Mount Kenya University.

The project is funded by DAAD with financial support from the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development. We wish the Inter-University Council for East Africa and all participants a great and successful conference that results in plenty of ideas to effectively prepare the next generation of students for a bright future. We encourage students to engage in the development of sustainable solutions that meet the needs of today and to secure the aspirations of tomorrow.




Insights from our experience with distance learning!

The corona crisis has proven to be a kind of creative destruction with regards to our teaching practice and as the voices of our students reveal, in a very positive sense - the majority of them agree that their online learning...[more]


Webinar Google Adwords: Understanding how search advertisement works and how to tailor it to marketing goals

The webinar is divided into two parts. Google AdWords 1 and 2, each webinar has a duration of 90 minutes. In the first part, listeners will understand the basics of search advertisements to create interesting text adverts,...[more]



Inauguration of our MELBU Project on More Entrepreneurial Life in Bangladeshi Universities

Our MELBU project on More Entrepreneurial Life in Bangladeshi Universities was inaugurated in May by the European Commission's Erasmus Plus programme to encourage entrepreneurship among university level students in Bangladesh and...[more]


Acceptance of PhD students to the ACCESS project

Despite the challenge posed by the Corona-virus, the ACCESS board is pleased to announce the selection of the first cohort of PhD candidates! After a rigorous selection process, which saw over 140 applicants vying for spots, the...[more]


SMILE Webinars for Entrepreneurs and students wishing to set up in business

Our entrepreneurship initiative SMILE is active in the promotion of an entrepreneurial spirit, start-up support, innovation management and knowledge and technology transfer. From April to May, we are presenting a series of...[more]