Sponsors and Partners

Our main sponsor, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), is the largest German support organization in the field of international academic co-operation. With considerable public funds at its disposal, it has a wide range of responsibilities in foreign cultural and academic policy, development co-operation policy and national higher education policy.

The programs for developing and transformation countries focus primarily on providing continuing education and training for young academic staff and for important experts and executives (staff development) as well as supporting the creation of appropriate structures (institution building). For this reason, various study programs take place in Germany and in the home country or region (i.e. "third country" scholarships). The DAAD receives substantial funds for its programs from the BMZ, and also in some cases the Federal Foreign Office (scholarship) programs.

The DAAD supports SEPT with scholarships for applicants from developing countries for the Master's program. Additionally, it is dedicated to promoting foreign alumni in German universities and research institutes by providing funds for the creation of sustainable worldwide networks.

SEPT (Small Enterprise Promotion and Training), is a research and training program at the University of Leipzig. Focusing mainly on the economic analysis, yet bringing together various approaches of several social disciplines, SEPT combines serious theoretical study and meaningful learning experiences in the promotion of SME in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. SEPT offers:

  • A Master's program in small and medium-sized enterprise development
  • A PhD program
  • International short-term training courses for entrepreneurs and managers
  • Special consultancy and coaching services for small- and medium sized enterprises
  • Special services for governments and promotion and development institutions

SEPT is intended for people who want to understand and influence how the small and medium-sized enterprises work in developing and transition economies. SEPT enables participants to work as multipliers in decision-making positions, to provide support to small and medium-sized businesses as well as to promote innovative entrepreneurs. Apart from socio-political and economic considerations, by securing income and employment for the poor, the main focus is the identification of innovation and growth potential in the SME sector and thus the development of concepts to rethink the industrial and economic policy in the long run.


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