About SEPneT

The Small Enterprise Promotion Network (SEPneT) was founded in November 2003 in Leipzig as a joint initiative of the University of Leipzig, the Technical University of Dresden, the University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg and the Technical University of Cottbus. In June 2009, the International Management of Resources and Environment Program of the Technical University Bergakademie of Freiberg joined SEPneT. Members of the network are young experts from developing and transitional countries, who have studied in Germany and are specialized in such areas as SME promotion, SME management, innovation and technology management, vocational training and resource and environment management. In 2004, the SEPT International Program started activities in Hanoi, Vietnam, offering the master program in co-operation with the Technology University of Hanoi and extending the Alumni network to the graduated students from this country.

The main goal of the network is to facilitate and strengthen information and experience exchange of the members by representing a forum for joint research, discussion and projects design and implementation. Additionally the network offers its members training opportunities.

Given the study focus of its members, changing approaches towards SME promotion in developing and transitional countries will be one of the major research topics. The network, in the long run, aims at enhancing international co-operation and regional development through more joint projects and knowledge sharing between network members.

Our Goals

The goals of the SEPneT reflect the needs and aspirations of its members. We offer our alumni a wide range of learning and networking opportunities and are committed to the following:

  • To serve as a discussion forum, whereby theoretical topics, case studies and policy recommendations about SME can be rigorously addressed and formulated;
  • To provide the members of the network with competent advice and financial support in the achievement of their professional goals related to SME development;
  • To promote the continuing training focused on SME-promotion by offering our members various training opportunities especially tailored to their needs and interests;
  • To encourage communication and networking among students, alumni and faculty stuff;
  • To provide our young scientists access to a valuable pool of information resources;
  • To perform a public relations role and establish a good reputation in the international institutions concerned with SME- promotion.

As stated above, one of the primary goals of the SEPneT is to strengthen the exchange of information and experience between its members on the up-to-date topics important to SME development in various countries. To this end, our members have the opportunity to participate in seminars on diverse SME-related aspects organized on a regularly basis. Additionally, a virtual forum facilitates the constant dialogue between the members.

Joining the forces of its partners, SEPneT strives to combine interesting interdisciplinary approaches relevant to the promotion of SMEs. On the long run, our network strives to establish a good reputation in the international institutions engaged with SME promotion and to achieve sustainability. We aim at putting our know-how into practice and engaging not only in the design and implementation of international projects, but also in carrying out specific consulting projects.


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