Beyond traditional practices, the International SEPT Program manages its relationships with the alumni and alumnae within the frame of a wider and functional network: SEPneT (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Promotion Network), which also serves as a platform for developing projects and services to be offered by members of the network.

Additionally, SEPneT allows the International SEPT Program to organize meetings and conferences all around the world in all topics related to small enterprise promotion and training for all former students. In this way, our alumni and alumnae have the opportunity to remain up-to-date and to have personal contact with their colleagues and former classmates.

The Small Enterprise Promotion Network (SEPneT) is a network of more than 600 experts specialized in SME issues from over 70 countries. It has been sponsored by the DAAD. The alumni network brings together internationally oriented scholars, experts and practitioners from a wide range of academic fields of professional expertise.

It is our mission to become a networking and information platform for those alumni who are eagerly interested in the multi-faceted policies, strategies and best practices concerning SME promotion worldwide. Above all things, our members pursue the exchange of scientific knowledge by putting it into practice.


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