Innovations are important factors for strengthening the competitiveness of any enterprise. Product and service innovations oriented to new or existing markets as well as the development and implementation of new production processes and organizational structures are decisive factors in the marketplace. The base of the Intelligence 4 Innovation (iN4iN) project developed by the International SEPT Program of Leipzig University and Conoscope GmbH, a consulting company in Leipzig, Germany, is the conviction that the future of our economies relies on innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

For this reason, we have developed our in4in approach dedicated to conveying theoretical knowledge, application-oriented findings and practice-relevant experience with regard to the management and promotion of innovation in SMEs.

iN4iN aims to offer an application-oriented set of strategies and instruments to be used by SMEs capturing important aspects for stimulating the innovation culture and strengthening the competitiveness of the enterprise. Furthermore, we are convinced that universities play a very important role in the creation and the growth of innovative SMEs. Therefore with our iN4iN approach we especially invite higher education institutions to cooperate with us in stimulating an effective environment for the growth of innovative SMEs. Our four pillars of action are:

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