Practical projects with companies

SMEs have limited financial and time budgets for development and operations in foreign markets. As part of its Master program, SEPT allows young foreign professionals to support firms with specific regional knowledge and managerial expertise in the development of their international target markets and implementation of appropriate strategies.

Usually a group of 2-4 MBA Students execute a practical project for a particular product or service in a period of three months or less.

The content agreements and arrangements take place between the company in question and the Prof of Development Economics at the International SEPT program, who takes the responsibility for the project and ensures the confidentiality of information.

Access to funding

The funding support for the internationalization of SMEs is relatively low. Also, many of the existing funding programs are focused on international organizations and Public-Private Partnership programs which are development cooperation related.

In effect not much is known about funding programs for German companies seeking to venture into internationalization especially for Eastern German SMEs. Therefore, it is a central task of Fit4export to assist SMEs in the region in the acquisition of funding especially at federal and international levels, particularly from the European Union.

Scouting for international specialists and executives

The main training program of SEPT is a practice-oriented master's degree program which is offered in Leipzig, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The participants come from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. They come with vast experience accumulated for several years in various fields as experts and executives from companies and institutions in their countries of origin. After studying, the SEPT Alumni create new prospects for the development of international partnerships.

Within our alumni network SEPneT we promote various projects working with German and foreign companies. We currently have contacts with more than 500 alumni in 50 countries spread over 5 continents. As part of our project focus, Fit4Export creates a link between our alumni network and interested German companies seeking representatives in various countries as for their international operations.


The latest addition to our service portfolio is the Export-Incubator. The idea is to accompany firms along the whole process of internationalization. Our team of international experts will work closely with SME at their location from strategy development to market entry.


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