Export Management

The practically oriented training "Export Manager" is designed to provide skills and knowledge for the foreign distribution of goods and services. The immediate application of the course content is a key component for what up to five local companies are acting as living examples. The main goal is to develop an export plan for the respective companies within a team of around three participants. The training is conducted by the international SEPT Program at the University of Leipzig in cooperation with CONOSCOPE following a modular structure:

Module 1 covers commercial foundations which are relevant for the daily work of sales employees, e. g. aspects of general marketing management, budgeting and controlling.

Module 2 focuses export planning and management highlighting subjects like methods of market research, market evaluation and selection, benchmarking, pricing and branding.

Module 3 encompasses the creation of export offerings, documents for exportation, insurance, payment arrangements, preparation of customer calls and conduct of negotiations.

In a final presentation the participants demonstrate their export plans and strategies to the companies. The smartest concepts are offered to be turned into reality within a following business placement, which can be embedded in a stay abroad.


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