Dr. Alba Valenciano Mañé


  • 2017 - PhD, University of Barcelona with the Thesis ‘The clothes of extraversion. Circulation, consumption and power in Equatorial Guinea’ (Supervisor: Dr. Josep Martí I Pérez). Excelente ‘Cum Laude’ (highest mark in the Spanish system)
  • 2009- Postgraduate Diploma in African Studies from the CSIC Spanish National Research Council.
  • 2008 – MA with hons. in Cultural Anthropology (Diploma de Estudios Avanzados con Matrícula de Honor), University of Barcelona
  • 2006 - Postgraduate Certificate of Education for the University of Barcelona (CAP)
  • 2006 - BA in History in University of Barcelona
  • 2002 – High School Diploma in Escola Tècnica Professional del Clot, Barcelona
  • 1984 - Born in Barcelona



I am an economic anthropologist interested in how people construct strategies to make a living and to make sense of the social world they are living. My research focuses on the study of systems of provisioning, consumption strategies, power relationships, and material and political extraversion in Central Africa.

For my PhD thesis entitled ‘The clothes of extraversion. Circulation, consumption and power in Equatorial Guinea’ I worked among female petty traders who build their livelihood strategies between West Africa and Europe and whose trading activities are not mere mechanisms to earn a living but a way to develop social status and meaningful networks.

My previous research included the study of pre-colonial and colonial history of the area that nowadays is Equatorial Guinea, the relationship between material culture and the anthropology of the body, and the analysis of colonial imaginaries through photography and cinema.

I have been recipient of an Excellence Grant from Institut Catalunya-Africa, a Research grant from the Spanish Cooperation Agency, an FI grant from AGAUR (Catalan Research Agency) and a Jae-Pre from the European Social Fund and the Spanish Research Council.



Together with Prof. Dornberger I am teaching the African Studies Bachelor’s module ‘Regional Development in Africa’. I teach qualitative research methods at SEPT’s MBA programme.



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