Entrepreneurship Training

SMILE is active in the promotion of an entrepreneurial spirit, start-up support, innovation management and knowledge and technology transfer. SMILE is closely cooperating with further partners throughout Saxony and Germany to help young entrepreneurs, start-ups and existing companies to succeed.

Our didactic principles and implementation concept

  • Participation is voluntary based on own interest
  • Workshops, seminars and events are organised outside study programmes
  • All learning interventions have clearly defined learning objectives in line with the competence-oriented approach of the German Qualification Framework for Lifelong Learning (Deutscher Qualifikationsrahmen)
  • SMILE Trainers do plan and implement their interventions on the basis of a constructionist perspective
  • Workshops and seminars are being evaluated by participants on a regular basis. We process the feedback and initiate change (workshop design, didactics, trainers, etc.) as found suitable
  • SMILE personnel participates in further education as well

The SMILE team combines people with diverse entrepreneurial backgrounds, skills and experiences, who operate in a highly professional and flexible manner to bring the best ideas to the market. SMILE was established in 2006 and as a direct result more than 400 businesses were founded.

The Self Management Initiative Leipzig (SMILE) of Leipzig University is specifically aimed at strengthening the activities of academic-based knowledge transfer within the Life Sciences, Healthcare, and Medical Device sector in order to ensure the further development of this important cluster in the region.


More than 500 business start-ups in 13 years

About 770 full-time jobs created

EUR 19.7 million in promotional funds and equity for early-stage businesses

EUR 13.6 million in third-party funds to attract new companies


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