New Booklet: Start-ups in Life Sciences, Health Care and Medical Devices supported by SMILE

This week our regional SMILE Initiative for entrepreneurship in Leipzig published a new booklet to demonstrate recent achievements in the field of technology-based entrepreneurship support.

Start-ups in Life Sciences, Health Care and  Medical Devices supported by SMILE

Since August 2006, the SMILE Initiative (Selbst Management Initiative Leipzig) at Leipzig University has been working to establish the entrepreneurial spirit at the region’s universities and research institutes. SMILE is a co-operation between the universities and research institutes in Leipzig and is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), the Free State of Saxony, and the Leipzig Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer.

The Self Management Initiative Leipzig (SMILE) of Leipzig University is specifically aimed at strengthening the activities of academic-based knowledge transfer within the Life Sciences, Healthcare, and Medical Device sector in order to ensure the further development of this important cluster in the region.

Resulting from the support provided by SMILE, over 150 full-time jobs were created. During the period from 2006 to 2015 30 R&D-intensive enterprises with innovative services and products were established. 22 of these ventures are still active in the market. SMILE entrepreneur teams have raised over EUR 22.7 million in funding and equity for early stage financing.

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