An approach to the "B Movement" and the impact in Chile

The B Corps organization in Chile and Latin America decided to publish an Essay of our MBA student Martin Kempf on B Corporations: Evolution of Capitalism? An approach to the "B Movement" and the impact in Chile.

The goal of this essay has different scopes: in the first chapter, the aim is to provide a complete idea regarding the ideology behind the B Movement; how it was born and why it differs from Traditional Companies and Non-profit organizations.

The second chapter discusses the arrival of the B Movement in Chile and the steps to become a Certified B Corp. In the third chapter, the discussion will be focused on the benefits of becoming a Certified B Corp (why should a company apply for the certification?).

And in the final chapter, the idea is to analyze the difficulties and challenges that Certified B Corporations are facing in Chile and South America, and how can they be faced in the coming years.

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