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FiVe – Vocational Training in Vietnam

Around the world education is considered one oft he main driving forces for growth, innovation and social welfare. The economy of Vietnam is experiencing a significant upturn in recent years. As one of Asia’s top locations for industrial production Vietnam has a strong demand for well-trained labor.

Project FiVe is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research and aims to provide knowledge transfer from Germany to Vietnam in the field of vocational training. The first goal ist o establish a vocational training academy in Vietnam that enables young vietnamese students to obtain the German degree of a State Certified Engineer.


„Made in Germany“ is a well known trademark and stands for quality, continuity and innovation. At the same time, thousands of German SME strengthen this reputation by delivering excellent products and services all over the world.

But even though product innovation is a key factor for German success, SME still don’t make use of all possibilities the internet has to offer. FIT4export, together with Google,  builds competencies of local SME in Online-Marketing activities.

Regional Alliances

Internationalization of SME is a topic that concerns many players, but only a few institutions offer consulting and experience for enterprises that whish to enter foreign markets. With our procect “regional alliances” FIT4export builds partnerships with authorities that provide internationalization services for SME and seeks to develop new tools and methods to facilitate easy access to information and expert-knowledge.


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