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Graduation Ceremony for the Intake 7 and 8 of our SEPT MBA Programme in Hanoi (Vietnam)

On 8th April 2015, the students of the International SEPT MBA Programme from our recent intakes in Hanoi, Vietnam received their degrees during the graduation ceremony held at HUST Hanoi. The event was held in the presence of the... read more...

Dimensions of Agency: Lecture series on Entrepreneurship in Business, Culture and Governance

All Students from SEPT are invited to participate in the Lecture series which is organized by the Institute of African Studies and the Institute of Social Anthropology of Leipzig University between 13 of April and 13 of July... read more...

An approach to the "B Movement" and the impact in Chile

The B Corps organization in Chile and Latin America decided to publish an Essay of our MBA student Martin Kempf on B Corporations: Evolution of Capitalism? An approach to the "B Movement" and the impact in Chile.

The goal of...

Business Incubator and Innovation Management Training in Rwanda

INES - Ruhengeri, the iN4iN partner of SEPT in Rwanda, organized in March a 5-day training on Business Incubator and Innovation Management. The training for Business Incubator staff from different technical colleges and... read more...

European MELES Project

Study visit at University of the Aegean 18-20 of February 2015

That was the third meeting of the MELES project. This time, the organizer and host of the meeting was the University of the Aegean, Greece, located on the island... read more...


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D-SMEs ONE Shot Magazin: A magazine from our SEPT intake 2013-2015

This magazine share knowledge and insight of SEPT 

International SEPT Alumni Seminar on May 9th and 10th 2015 in Hanoi, Vietnam

Celebrating 40 years of German-Vietnamese Diplomat

Congratulations to Mr. Md. Nur Alam and Mr. Deusdedit Rwehumbiza for a successful defense of their PhD thesis on 29. April 2015

Mr. Md. Nur Alam and Mr. Deusdedit Rwehumbiza, PhD read more...


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