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"Market driven Innovation Management" in the Middle East

The International SEPT-Program performed two Workshops in Amman and Bethlehem

In order to support innovation in small and medium sized companies in Arab countries the International SEPT-Program cooperated with the University of Bethlehem to introduce the topic of innovation management in the Palestinian territories.

In the facilities of the Institute of Community Partnership an interesting mixture of university lecturer and representatives of private companies discussed on March 30 and 31 the possibilities of improving innovation capabilities by implementing innovation management strategies in Palestinian companies.

On April 1 and 2 the International SEPT-Program hold another workshop about "Market driven Innovation Management" in Amman. This workshop was the second part of a cooperation project with the German Jordanian University that started in November 2011. Taking place in the facilities of the Amman Chamber of Industries it deepened the linkages between the private sector and the academic research in Jordan. As result of the workshop the German Jordanian University, the International SEPT-Program and the Amman Chamber of Industries agreed on further cooperation in the field of innovation managemen.

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